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Everywhere Quest #0022: The Eight O'Clock Carnival


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> Are we remotely capable; or even experienced with; dealing with ballers? Or Zaubers?

You've only fought one baller, and that was when another Jenny Everywhere needed some backup when got into a scrape in post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York. You've never actually encountered a Zauber, but the collective Jenny Everywhere knowledge seems to have them as "weird magic shit."

You're reasonably sure you could take one of either on, if it came to that. As always, the key in any Everywhere RPG battle is to figure out how to use your best Capabilities or Qualities.

> Are we in risk of Negative B-ball Proton radiation poisoning? Do we need shelter?

> Head toward Chaos Dunk. Seems like a terrible idea as any.
> Head towards the source.

Eh, you'll manage. You've never bothered to worry about that before, and this attitude has not once let you down. The Million Cents seemed more worried about the blast itself, anyway.

The empty boardwalk is eerie. Everyone clearly dropped whatever they were doing and just left when Mechazaud Gear attacked; there's still various arcade sounds, loud music and rides, and the odd pop music. You can see a cherry picker platform by the ferris wheel.

The area affected by the Chaos Dunk is easy to find, of course. It's where everything is instead completely dark and silent, except for the odd flickering orange flame.

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