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Everywhere Quest #0012: Somewhere Else


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> Can we recognize Nowheres on sight?


> Consider hiring bodyguards for the duration of this "game."

Bodyguards are slightly out of your price range, and anyway, you're the named protagonist here; you'd get bogged down protecting them.

> Also, assume perma-death is the rule until informed otherwise, and make a note to ask someone about PM's win-loss ratio for his "games."

Noted and noted.

> Make sure to give a sizeable tip for the good food and service.
> Put the money on the counter and walk straight out the back door.

Let's see ... after taxes it looks like ... $8.26 for the burger, $6.17 for the salad, $1.43 for the Bonk, that's $15.86, and a nice beefy 20% of that would be ... What the hell, you just put $20 down.

You draw some odd looks from the staff as you head out through the kitchens, but nobody tries to stop you. You look around; you're in an alley behind Fin Dining, and —

You feel Prayer's Mania's mental presence, and he telepathically sends you the sound of someone imitating radar noises.

Beep ... beep ... Oh, you've left already? Heh. Nice try, though!

You hold the question What do you want? in your mind.

Shh, I'm trying to talk to someone else here!


Three ... two ... one ...

You hear an earsplitting klaxon for a few seconds. A PA voice says, "Attention. Mechazowd Gear has been detected approaching from the water."

It's spelled Z A U D, not Z O W D.

"— immediately. This is not a test. I repeat, Mechazaud Gear has been detected approaching from the water. Please calmly exit the boardwalk immediately. This is not a test."

It then starts alternating between the klaxon and the announcement. You hear the crowds on the boardwalk start to panic, and a voice inside the kitchen you just left starts barking orders. From the front entrance, you hear the short guy scream "... MY BIG MOUTH!"

So, you gonna wait and see what a Mechazaud Gear is? Or will you join the fleeing crowds, and risk endangering them if it follows you?

Well, let's see: you're keeping track of my location and telling someone else where I am. There's no realistic chance whatever-it-is won't follow me. You head out to the front and approach the edge of the water. Sure enough, you can see the surface of the water breaking as something approaches. There's also no realistic change that I'd endanger anyone else's lives.

That's just what I wanted to hear!

And with that, he leaves you alone again.

> _

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Activate passive countermeasures and launch flak cartridges!


> Jenny: Take a deep breath, remove regrets, and face whatever-that-is head on with the bravery she had to face the mechazowd.


>Can we use some other Jenny's magical knowledge to 'splode the thing before it finishes emerging, or does the Jenny we're playing have no magical affinity?