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Everywhere Quest #0006: The Diner


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> Time for good eats?

Sounds like it!

> Seek tin foil and construct an anti-psychic helm.

That would probably be a reasonable backup plan. You make a note to check Fin Dining's menu for wraps.

> Go to restaurant. Keep an eye out for serial killers on the way, and while eating.

You head toward the harbor; true to what Slinus Segall said, you watch your back. (You also keep an eye peeled for any other indicators of the date, but no, it's 2014 here, in both number and in technological level. An electronics store is even advertizing the same iPhone you have.)

> Look for Fin Dining.

There appears to be a large boardwalk at the edge of the water — New Jersey-style, not the kind that goes over a bog. At the immediate boundary where the buildings meet the boardwalk, on the street you are on, there is a 50s-style diner with a large wooden billboard on top that says "Fin Dining."

You enter; the inside is approximately as 50s as the outside, apart from the clientele in their entirely-modern clothing. You come in at just the right moment to hear someone on the radio announce that it's a college radio station, before it segues into Elvis singing something that probably doesn't exist in your home reality. It's moderately busy, but there's a stool at the counter, so you sit down there.

A young woman on the other side of the counter approaches and hands you a menu. "Hey there," she says. "Can I get you a drink to start with?"

You glance at the menu, which is filled with much more amusing names for relatively standard meals than the diner's name. (That's your cue, gang.)

> Enter Menu Items

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>Barbara Streisandwich. No, really.