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Everywhere Quest #0003: Quick Chat


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> Ask if you are allowed to head down the inside stairs. Granted, it's not as action-y, but it's safer.

"Can I head down the stairs?" you ask. "I figured I shouldn't stay up here all night, I was planning on hitting up a restaurant."

Slinus considers this, then shrugs. "I don't see why not, 's long as I'm with ya," he says. Looks like your Pulchritude stat is paying for itself this evening.

He takes out a smartphone and gives it a few pokes. "Yo, Hal, it's just some dimension-hoppin' super-kid. Tell everyone to keep their shirts on, I'm gonna take her down to the ground floor." You faintly hear a woman's voice respond. "I'll point 'er in the direction o' Fin Dining. Yeah, sure, see you in a few." He hangs up and pockets it again.

> Ask him where he got such a cool nickname.

"Where'd 'Dragging Dirk' come from?" you ask, as the two of you enter the stairwell.

He shrugs. "Eh, we all get to pick a title-with-a-capital-T from a list of available words. Somethin' weapon-themed, in my case. 'Draggin' Dirk' ... I 'unno, it just sounded right. Where'd 'Shifter' come from?"

"Shenanigans," you say.

"Heh, right."

He leads you down a short hallway towards an elevator. You catch sight of a few other smartly-dressed men and women, looking very ... furtive. This is not the coolest building you could have landed on.

> See if you can get any useful info out of Slinus. Questioning the (non-hostile) locals about recent events is SOP, isn't it?

"So, anything a dimension-hopping super-kid should know about this place?" you ask.

Slinus hits the button for floor 1. (You note that yes, you were in fact fifty floors up.) "Hm, don't know what to tell you 'bout in particular," he says. "At least, not that I'm at liberty to divulge, y'know?" He gives you a sidelong look. "Why don't you head to that restaurant and screw 'roun' 'til somethin' interesting happens? That is what you dimension-hoppin' super-kids do, isn't it?"

"Heh, right," you say, while making a mental note that whatever Slinus Segall's stats are, he definitely has something perceptive that's relatively high-level.

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>Come to think of it, what kind of currency do the locals use, and how can you get some? Might want to ask before he turns us out to fend for ourselves.