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CSA0831: Sacchin: Retrieve alms from donation box.


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You move aside the lid of the donation box. There's no money; you're pretty sure this puzzle game isn't going to have that many visitors who are willing to donate anyway.

You do, however, find a piece of paper with the symbols Cross Arrow - Sideways-69 - Weird M on it, in addition to the text Kawa 6549.11. You consider whether to pick it up.

> Sacchin: Look under paper.

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John Evans

Look under paper.



>Try CODEC number. If that doesn't give you a way out, break the window.


Sacchin: Pee on the card and throw it under the door. But only after you memorize the sequences on them.


>Sacchin: Examine jukebox, play "Maiden's Capriccio: Dream Battle"

Kaze Koichi

> Examine a table and whatever is on it.


>Check under other objects to see if any of them have written clues too. Check the playlist on the jukebox first.


>Flip the paper over to look at the back. It's Yukari; you never know.


>Looks like there might be a pattern on the box under it. So pick it up and keep examining.


Look under all the things, including the paper, donation box, and table.


> There's totally something under the paper.
> Honor fantrolls.


>Sacchin: Attempt to recollect anything your grandmother or Marisa (or maybe Patchouli?) may have taught you about symbols like these.

(-I- know they're zodiac symbols, but I'm a Persona nut and have a Thoth deck. It's not really sure what Sacchin might know, or whether there's a connection between them and, say, certain Gensokyo magics.)


>Satsuki: Dial codec-number

Once we're done with that, and have finished speaking to whoever is on the other end of that sequence...

>Satsuki: Investigate the Magical Milky Sakuyan-sphere on the table!


>Satsuki: Look through the stained glass window.
It's probably too opaque to see much, if anything, but it is worth a shot.


>Satsuki: Check the Juke Box to see if those symbols are on there, and use your Kawadec to call said number as well.

Spirit Tsunami

> Look behind card at pattern on box.

Looking at the back of the card? This early? But there could be decisive evidence that would've saved us an entire day's trial there! Clearly we must wait until the time is right before revealing what's on the other side.