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You've made the perfect escape. That'll teach her to try to chase you down, because she just got schooled, and she passed with straight A's! No one will ever catch you, Meimu, the Youkai of Awesome!

No one will ever get the joke that, based on Name That Color, the speed-lines and letters for Kon on the last page were navy-blue, and the colors for Ran were indigo! (That's the Yakumo family's naming-scheme. "Yukari" means "violet," and "Chen" uses the character or "orange.")

> Meimu: Manipulate the edge of perception to exclude yourself.

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>It's time! Aperture back into the room and hop on the pad!


> Accidentally cackle a bit at your cleverness before teleporting back in and hope that Ran doesn't figure out that you'll try and pull this kind of trick again.


We've got her now!

>Meimu: Descend upon the fox in true Batman: Arkham Asylum-fashion! Once she's outta the picture, se the teleportalizer!


>Cottage: Get snagged.


>Meimu: Go for a dynamic entry on Ran just to be lolzy.

Kaze Koichi

>Xaltwind, Wolf: Stop making commands that can cause Game Over.


>Manipulate the edge of perception to exclude yourself. (Can we do that?)

And I still want >Develop "Edge Sign 「Sharp Pointiness」"


>Meimu: Aperture the cottage and yourself away.


@Kaze Koichi: I'm (sadly) not a playable character, so I can't accept commands. ;<


>Meimu: Attempt to manipulate the edge of space so that Ran is on the other side. That should give you enough time to transportalize yoursef.


>Port back onto the transportalizer!
>Push yourself off the edge of perception while you're at it.


@Kaze Koichi: Personally we need to have at least one time paradox or game over gag in this new series like we did in the prior storyline. Besides I was hoping for an Assasins Creed aireal kill, or have it where it's a fake out into an apature of hers to the teleportizer of sorts.

>Meimu: Re-equip to your Kon outfit to improve your apature abilities to give you a better chance to use the teleportizer.