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CSA0717: Carroll: Peek out the window.


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Yep, the Forest of Magic is still there.

You do not yet fully understand the point of having windows when the view consists solely of a bunch of trees, especially when 75% of the light you usually get is either magical or artificial; things like cross-ventilation or seeing the weather are sort of like secondary benefits to the fact that, in your understanding, windows are for seeing through.

> Carroll: What happens when you make a magical polygon which isn't regular?

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>Stay out of the long grass!


>Crash through the windows! This is what they're truly meant for!

Endark Culi

Carroll: Fondly regard inventory.

Jays Hackworth

>Go exploring


If my guess is correct then this one scne may need to happen on this side then.

>Carroll: Expect to hear something about Sacchin for today.

If that already happened then.

>Carroll: Try doing the flying out of the second story window bit.

Other then that I have a few more, but not much to work on yet.


>Feeling hungry. Go get a muffin.


Checking the inventory is a good idea, but after that...

>Go see who else is home.


>Carroll: Seek down parent, request use of Grimoire required to correct room coloration.


>Carroll: Master Spark the trees away to clear the view.

Formica Archonis

I tried drawing a heptagram and sorta did it, then I realized that there's TWO ways to draw one and I didn't think I could do it again. So I gave up.

Then I looked up star polygons online and enneagrams/nonagrams make my head hurt.


DAT bonus content is awesome.

Look at the childs of these days, flying indoors. In my time, you had to walk all the way to go to places, even if we had to go 100 miles under a heavy snowstorm.


>Carroll: Exit through the window and sneak away for a (hopefully) exciting day of adventure.


>Carroll: Redecorate manually.

I take it the other two players will be Shanghai and Kon?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Carroll is the first of the other two players.


>Carroll: You are at least 10 years old, go on a pokemon adventure!


> Make the Forest of Magic no longer there

Random person of randmoness

>Carroll: Write a book about your mother.


^In responce to that one.

>Carroll: Write a book about your "other" mother. :p

I couldn't resist that one.

Anyways onto an actual one now:

>Carroll: Go and pester your sister and see what she's up to today.


have to do it.
Carroll: Pester Mom

Random person of randmoness

You're not getting the joke. Carrol is the name of the author of "Alice in Wonderland." Carrol's mother is named Alice. THERE. it;s not funny if you have to explain the joke.
Best. Pun. Ever.


@Random person of randmoness: Oh I wasn't going for that joke, I was going to the joke of her having two mothers. :p

To be honest I didn't see that joke until you pointed it out.

Anyways I got another one.

>Carroll: Check your Kawadec to make sure your list of people that you know is current.

Random person of randmoness

Carrol refers to Marisa Kirisame as "Dad," so she DOESN'T have two mothers when you get to EXTREME technicalities.