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CSA0716: Carroll: Regard drawings of magic circles on wall.


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Gone are the days of working puny weaksauce magic using sorcerous triangles and mystic squares. You have finally learned to make pentagrams, hexagrams, and your latest creation, an octogram. Not heptagrams, though, because fuck trying to draw those particular grams.

(Your big sister used to have fun getting you into trouble by teaching you swearwords, but then you and your parents caught on and she recieved a lump sum of trouble. You now keep swearing within the confines of your own head, and so does she.)

You even asked your father, who said that nobody actually uses "those sevenagrams" because nobody can draw them. This was the sort of answer which you've learned to immediately disregard in favor of asking your mother, but she confirmed it.

The octogram is in turn surrounded by eight trigrams, which are arranged in the Fu Xi configuration because you can never remember how the more modern King Wen arrangement is supposed to go.

> Carroll: Peek out the window.

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Jays Hackworth

Marisa sounds like the best dad ever. I'm not even trolling


I've never had trouble drawing septagrams. Basically, start off drawing a pentagram, then get carried away.


No mystic squares? Aw, poor Shinki... speaking of her, how does Caroll relate to her grandmother?