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CSA0685: [Aggress] -=->


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0685.gif: Ice Sign 「Icicle Fall -Normal-」

Ice Sign 「Icicle Fall -Normal-」

This is her cue to whip out a Spell Card. You've heard of Ice Sign Icicle Fall, of course. This is not, however, the "legendary" version.

> [Aggress] Sacchin: Go through the upper gap, and aim right for her as a counter!

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Sacchin is a hundred years too early to face the legendary Icicle Fall -Easy-


>Sacchin: Back up, graze, and focus shot.

John Evans



^Or about five years too late...


Ninja'd. I'm too used to forums where you can just edit all your posts when you do something dumb like use arrows after leaving a page up for half an hour before your post.

Random person of randmoness

>sacchin: Bounce yin-yang orb around some more, recoil was worth it.


>Sacchin: Focus, both literally and mentally, on dodging through one side at a time, bomb if you start to worry. Worry leads to hesitation, hesitation leads to danmaku in the face.

Jays Hackworth

>Satchels: Don't go too close she'll slap you with an iceberg


>Sacchin: Use a special move.


Back up, focus and rapid fire, graze, bomb if needed


> Use gohei to deflect white danmaku. You're pretty sure that's a thing you can do, right? Just like using a slide kick to deflect the Yin-Yang Orb?


>Sacchin: Use ALL the amulets!


>back up, graze , and use older looking damaku, that stuff has screwy hit boxes after all....


>Sacchin: Be wary. May look easy, but she could just be luring you into a trap!


>Focus and close in for grazing.


>Sacchin: The best defense is a good offense! Attack! Attack! Attack!


Beautiful new Cirno wings, BTW.

Dizzy H. Muffin

... What? They're the same Hisoutensoku-type wings she's always(-ish) had.


>Sacchin: If you get hit, quick, deathbomb! Except it isn't a deathbomb because your healthy is still Kinda Okay and I'm not even sure if you have any bombs.


>Sacchin: Take mental notes, but make sure not to get hit. After all this is just the first challenge and you are going to need to be better than Cirno against the others.


>Sacchin: Do something COMPLETELY unexpected, such as toss your gohei at Cirno!

Player Three

Oh yay, this is back.

>Sacchin: Nothing fancy, kid. Stick to the basics. Dodge and shoot.