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CSA0604: [Ending] [S] Yukari: Get blindsided by karma.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Hey, there's MASHA and MARISA b'duh!

In YASORA's defense, you probably deserve this. Oh, well, on the plus side, she and UTSUHO are getting along these days ...

> [Ending] Marisa and Alice: Make babies.

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Well glad to see that our little 6-Ball is getting along with Yasora now. In any case I'm sure Yasora wanted to do that to Yukari no matter what the excuse she had at the time.

Rainy Daze

I wonder what Suwako's doing there?

I can't help but wonder what a child of Utsuho and Cirno's would be like. Now, that would be cold fusion.

Dizzy H. Muffin

As for Suwako, it is a party at the Hakurei shrine.


Yasora: To Yukari who is responsable for my death I give thee,
A boot to the Head,
And one more to jenny and the wimp



Whenever I watch that, I can't help but mishear the first time he says "for the wimp" as "for the win"!

Having never even been worthy of unlocking Extra stage in PCB, Yukari getting pichu~n'd is most definitely "for the win" for me.


Well, as with anyone with a Passenger in their head; it's going to be interesting how Utsuho interacts with the world. She'll literally always have a second opinion in her head; one who understands more complicated processes than she does. (Getting Yasora to explain quickly and efficiently enough will take doing.)

There's also the question of if Yasora can put the blinds on herself during Ice Fairy snuggling; or if she's along for the ride for that too.

Rainy Daze

I just noticed that Reimu's hair appears to be starting to go grey. :O