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CSA0552: Marisa: Realize that this star is not variable at all, but binary.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Considering that a CATACLYSMIC VARIABLE STAR is actually supposed to be a WHITE DWARF hanging out with a more different NORMAL STAR, which dumps matter onto the WHITE DWARF and causes a FANTASTICALLY ADEQUATE EXPLOSION, you suspect that YASORA just doesn't give a shit.

> Orin: Last minute save.

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curses, a wikipedia article I need to read!

Rainy Daze

Marisa is the most suited character to astronomical knowledge, isn't she? She keeps attacking people with stars. And there's that black hole spellcard.


I suppose Marisa would be, in terms of the characters present in CSA, with her Milky Way and Orrieles Sun spellcards, but I think Eirin or Kaguya would be the most knowledgeable about astrology in all of Gensokyo.