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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


(If you're still listening to the boss theme, don't worry, that's just a sound effect.)



YASORA has unleashed her first SPELL CARD! It appears that the spell MIMA placed on her is allowing her to manifest her spirit outside of UTSUHO's body.


> Marisa & Alice: Notice that she's shooting the danmaku 2-dimensionally. Dodge in third dimension.

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>Marisa&Alice: Graze.

Tewi Inonymous

>Magic Team: Ummm lose i guess?


>Marisa&Alice: Split up for pincer attack - aim at YASORA's manifestation!


>Marisa & Alice: For the love of Suwako! Just graze and aim well. No need to work into our Spell Cards... yet.


Magic Team: Dodge like a boss. Don't wait too long before bombning if you feel uncomfortable.

Love the music, Muffin. :D


>Magic team: remember utsuho is in the body and prepare for shedloads of grazing and timeouting :/

Player Three

>Marisa: Aim for the lineart phantom.

>Alice: Aim for the body.

>Both: Graze the bullets for God's sake!


What, is this it? It looks like Yasora is just a powered up Utsuho right now.

>Marisa: Take the lead. You have more knowledge of grazing Yatagarasu powered attacks.

>Alice: Keep a close eye on Yasora's spirit. It is not to be trusted.

This probably won't work, but I have to try anyways.

>Utsuho: "Hey, that's my Atomic Fire! Copycat!"

Docteur Hartmann

Finally some real shit.

Malice team: Graze is for lesbian. Oh wai- Graze then.


> Marisa: Graze, then rip off Yatsura's spell and unleash "Baking [Nuclear Pie-sion]"!
> Alice: Waitaminite! We're still treating this battle as a game! Time to throw away that rules book and get creative! And grazing. Lots of grazing.


> Marisa/Alice: Go Focused-mode, Send Marisa forward instead for having higher speed. Use Illusion Laser.

It's as simple as that.


Magic Team: Carefully weave through the blue balls, and squeeze through the gaps in the large mini-suns. Watch the suns carefully to see how they break, but never let the suns distract you from the blue balls; their scattering pattern is the biggest danger here.


For old times sake.
Marisa: Get bored of dodging again and do something unprecedented.


>Marisa: Activate pie danmaku

Checkov's Gun the hell out of those pies.


Alice> send an explosive doll to float by spirit incase it trys anything


>Marisa&Alice:Notice that she's shooting the danmaku 2-dimensionally. Dodge by flying slightly towards the 4th wall.


> Marisa: Did you ever get around to perfecting and generalizing that shield thingy to stop danmaku as well as physical attacks?


>Marisa&Alice:Notice that she's shooting the danmaku 2-dimensionally. Dodge by flying slightly towards the 4th wall.

The third dimension would work too.

>Marisa & Alice: Time out spellcard for the (e)lulz (and to piss Yasora off).

>Utsuho: Be annoying and cause a spell break due to loss of concentration.

>Yasora: Sunspot [Solar Flare], Hellfire [Supernova], Armageddon [Big Bang] (assuming you haven't already set the other spellcards in stone yet).


Marisa & Alice: Spam. and Graze. Spraze? Gram? Whatever, just beat the living crap out of her.
Okuu: Start singing "What is Love?" and "Cirno's Perfect Math Class".


>Marisa: Steal Yasora's spellcards. But not her precious thing. Alice would be upset.


>Marisa: Steal Yasora's spellcards. But not her precious thing. Alice would be upset.

What, her third leg?

Wow. WOW. That was not meant to come out like that.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Psh, I was making remarks like that since I knew what she was. :V

(and we therefore do not need to make anymore remarks like it, k ppl?)


Marisa: use the str(9)ngest danmaku

if that fails just throw Cirno at Yasora


Definitely Marisa should steal at least some of Yasora's spell cards. It'll wrap this up faster, and maybe Marisa could use it herself to defeat that crow with her own cards. The only question is how.


Problem is spellcard rules is how many are cast not how many you have