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CSA0413: Masha: Pose like a team because shit just got cooperative.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You pose like you've never posed before, even considering you can't actually measure your age in days yet!

You're feeling BIGGER THAN EVER! The FAIRIES seem to agree.

> Masha: Find Dai now... And Cirno too if it's possible.

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Player Three

Holy crap, she actually is bigger.

Formica Archonis

Player Three
Holy crap, she actually is bigger.

Hmmm. Remember long ago, when she shrunk when first flying above the forest? Muffin just pulled a loose plot thread!

>Masha: Ask Daiyousei about the size changes. Mention that you've had no interactions with hookah-smoking caterpillars.


Well, whatever it is, I'm kind of interested in how it works.