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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are UTSUHO REIUJI, also known as OKUU. You are a HELL RAVEN. Recently, after consuming the corpse of a YATAGARASU, you gained the power of MANIPULATION OF NUCLEAR FISSION AND FUSION, and gained a CONTROL ROD which helps you enhance and focus this power. Taking it off will not cause you to have a MELTDOWN, because you're not a NUCLEAR REACTOR and that would just be stupid and dangerous.

You live in the PALACE OF EARTH SPIRITS, and you are a pet belonging to SATORI KOMEIJI, a SATORI with a penchant for taking in animals in the UNDERGROUND beneath GENSŌKYŌ, and raising them until, unlike most of the UNDERGROUND'S DENIZENS, they are both SAPIENT and feel LOVE for her rather than REVULSION over the fact that, with her THIRD EYE, she can READ HEARTS AND MINDS. With your newfound power, you have created a NUCLEAR REACTOR known as the SUBTERRANEAN SUN at the bottom of the FORMER HELL OF BLAZING FIRES. Said fires were rekindled in the process.

Your plans for today were to attempt to CONQUER THE WORLD using your newfound power. You thus kept out of SATORI's way, since she would have figured out your entire plan just by being in the same room. However, you were beaten up by two HUMANS: a SHRINE MAIDEN and a WITCH, who were attracted by GEYSERS which formed as a side effect of the NUCLEAR REACTOR's creation and then got filled with EVIL SPIRITS released by your good-friend and fellow-pet RIN "ORIN" KANEBYOU, who was concerned about you. If that wasn't enough, SATORI then confiscated your THIRD LEG and sent you to your room without DINNER. Honestly, this result is a bit of a relief, all things considered.

It is DECEMBER of 2007, which is the year 123 by GENSŌKYŌ's calendar (which places year 0 as the year the HAKUREI BORDER went up in AD 1884). What will you do first?

> Quickly, retrieve your nuclear arms.

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>Utsuho: Think up a cunning plan


If eating a crow gave us nuclear powers, what kind of powers will eating a cup give us?

The ability to not drop liquids?


Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted. I wasn't allowed to use the internet because my parents computer was attacked by a really nasty virus and we were worried that it could spread to the other computers. Anyway back to the important stuff...

>Utsuho: Explain to Satori that it was the voices in your head that told you to do it. They also told you to eat the corpse of a sun god. Maybe then you will be allowed to eat dinner.

>Yatagarasu: Convince Utsuho that her real task is to kill Yukari for... not... being...umm... nice?

>Utsuho: Don't listen to the voices in your head, they will only get you in trouble.

>Masha: If possible, act adorable.

It is great to be back!


> Okuu: Go on a Metal Gear Solid-like sneaking mission to retrieve your third arm. Then sneak out to find something to irradiate and eat for dinner.


> Okuu: Consider finding an ice girlfriend and settling down. Dismiss the idea out of hand as absurd and unlikely.


>Utsuho: Find cup size

Or would that be too immature?

Other ideas include:

>Utsuho: Quickly retrieve arms from galaxy.

>Rin: Join Utsuho in her room. It was your fault she got busted after all.

>Utsuho: Reveal hidden snack compartment only you know exists underneath your bed.

Of course, Satori might have discovered it (she knows everything...), but it is still well-hidden!

Daionus the 23rd

>Quickly Retrieve arms from drawer.


> Utsuho: Quickly retrieve arms fro--EXPLOSION


> Utsuho: See if you inadvertently left any candy corn lying around. Failing that, try chewing the sceneryTVTropes #include "stddisclaim.h" for nutrition.


Dammit. The one time I didn't use preview...


If that wasn't enough, SATORI then confiscated your THIRD LEG and sent you to your room without DINNER.

That solves the mistery of why is she pouting XD

Well, after a kinda weird introduction which I assume will have some impact later on in this chapter...

> Utsuho: Retrieve armas from extremely cool-looking galaxy mantle which reminds me of Boogiepop Phantom.

Since this has been a meme since like forever XD

Oh, by the way:

>Utsuho: Check calendar to see if it's not year 124 GC, more specifically around midsummer, since if all SA events have already happened and it's still 123 GC, then we're in a time paradox right from the start.


Actually, according to the timeline Nekokayou's SA stll happens in 123.

•2007 CE (123 GC): Touhou Hisoten (#10.5): Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
•Touhou Chireiden (#11): Subterranean Animism
◦Three days previously: Touhou Nekokayou #57, pre-timeskip
◦Stage 1: flashback in Touhou Nekokayou #37
◦Stage 2: Subterranean Dolls
◦Stage 4: Enlightened Mind's Eye: Aboveground Incursion 1
◦Stage 6: Touhou Nekokayou #57, post-timeskip
◦Afterward: Touhou Nekokayou #24
•2008 CE (124 GC): Ends and Beginnings (original story)
•Touhou Nekokayou #1-#4, #7, #16-#22, #25-#26
•Enlightened Mind's Eye: Prologue

Tewi Inonymous

Oh and the look Utsuho's face is priceless.


Utsuho: Retrieve arms from hugging Cirno and explain why you are about today.


@Sect: Oh, my! I wonder why Muffin did not use the release date of Chireiden for that.

Spirit Tsunami

Hmmm...interesting. We're back in something closely resembling the present, but still a bit in the past relative to the comic and about 12 years in the past relative to the first two acts of CSA. Is there really anything we can do that won't create a time paradox other than following the basic plot of SA?

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Eletale: I did it so that, chronologically speaking, it takes place before ZUN created the demo. :3

@Spirit Tsunami: The basic plot of SA has already been followed. :3


It looks like our cute 6-Ball is upset over something that happened to her a while back though.

>Utsuho: Recolect why you are upset as of late, if possible.

>Yasora: Try and overtake Utsuho's body if she'll allow it today.

Well let's see if anything will work though.

>Sanae: Wonder why nothing has been happening around your shrine.


Utsuho: At least the embarrassment is over unyu.
???: sonanoka

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