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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



She seems to be expecting you. You aren't sure if that's good or bad.

> Aya: Always assume that it's a bad thing since she is related to Yukari.

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Oh, sorry. Um...

Aya: Go see what she wants?


For some reason, as soon as I see the prospect of them interacting, I'm reminded of how in Labyrinth of Touhou Aya has slightly better SPD growth than Chen, yet Chen almost always ends up faster due to much superior levelling speed.

Err, anyways...

Aya: Pretend to ignore Chen to see how she would react


Chen: retrieve arms from the overly long gag bag.

Aya: ask Chen why she's here.

Kitsune Inari

> Chen: quickly retrieve running gag from fourth wall.

Dizzy H. Muffin

This is not "shift to a different character perspective." This is just Aya running into her and seeing her from a different angle. :P


>Aya: Always assume that it's a bad thing since she is related to Yukari, so be ready for a fight if it comes down to it.

>Masha: Get a bad premonition when you close in one Alice's and Marsia's home.

Hakurou Musha

> Aya: Interact with nekomata, recieve Typical Yakumo Bullshit.
> Aya: Realize you still have a perfectly operational codec unit and a mushroom to harass with it.

> Alice: Check in at the former location of Kirisameya II, make sure no one has messed with it. After all, this project is more important than some silly incident!

> Masha and Dai: Hi fairies! Bye fairies!

Spirit Tsunami

> Aya: Continue investigation. Do not initiate contact with the Chen.


>Aya: Suddenly shout "KITTY!"


>Aya: Suddenly shout "KITTY!"

Player Three

>Aya: The game is afoot! Initiate contact with the cat.

>Masha: Take one step, be noticed by fairies.


>Aya: If there's no way around it converse with Chen, then damaku fight her if things don't turn out the way you planed.

>Masha: Well you'll have to start damaku fighting sooner or later, so ask Daiyousei how to fight normal mode faries.


I heartily endorse MrChips idea:

> Aya: Suddenly shout "KITTY!"

> Masha: Prepare for battle! Engage!



Formica Archonis

Normal suggestion:
Aya: Yukari's not done with you, it seems. Might as well play along.

Insane suggestion:
Aya: Take Chen hostage. Demand Yukari open enough gaps for you to get incriminating photos of everyone in Gensokyo. Retire on the increased Bunbunmaru sales or on the blackmail money.


>Chen: Quickly retrieve from *insert stupid location for arms here*


Czar Warudo

>Aya: Hug Chen. Prepare to defend yourself from Ran.


@Formica: For some reason I want to agree with your insane suggestion there. Reson for it it's a rather unexpected move that would give us something interesting to mess with. Besides we need some more random Bad Ends here if you ask me. It'll make this a bit more interesting f you ask me.

In any case:

>Aya: If Chen is nearby then Ran might be nearby too. So look to see if ran in nearby.

or to do the unimaginable

>Aya: Igonre Chen for now and head back to Youkai Mountain to have Momiji to help you out, since this might be a big scoop if you have her "helping" you.


@Wolf: So Aya should make sure she ran into Ran? (I couldn't resist)

Tewi Inonymous

Going with formica

>Aya: Hold CHEEEEEEEEEEN hostage


@Omegahunger: Pretty much that's what I was trying to get at, but I guess I typed it too fast since it looks like the command I gave didn't make any sense though, but just in case.

>Aya:Check to see if Ran is nearby before messing with Cheeeeeen.

Couldn't resist it any longer there.