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CSA0219: Upside-down fairy: Lose aerodynamic lift stability and crash into the ground.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Because you are a FAIRY, you cannot speak ENGLISH, and thus you do not know how to spell "AERODYNAMIC LIFT STABILITY," let alone know what it means. Regardless, your FLIGHT is powered by MAGIC, and thus aerodynamics and even BASIC PHYSICS have nothing to do with it. Therefore, you are perfectly safe, and unaware that there had been any danger.

Hang on, is this a sign that COMMANDS are just, y'know, COMMANDS, instead of being INFLUENCING SPIRITS and WEIRD POSTMODERN SHIT?

Ehh, whatev.

> Masha: Throw a small distrac-shroom to the fairies.

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Fairies cannot speak and understand english...
And me who want them to DO A BARREL ROLL !

Beta Maxis

That second to last line killed me.

Player Three

Wait, does that mean Reimu was lying?