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CSA0150: Marisa: Give Reimu a call to apologize for being late.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


MARISA: Hey, Reimu. Sorry I'm runnin' a little late, uh ...
REIMU: Sorry, Marisa, I can't talk to you.
MARISA: Huh? Why not?
REIMU: No point.

MARISA: Hey, Reimu. Sorry I'm runnin' a little late, uh ...
REIMU: Sorry, Marisa, I can't talk to you.
MARISA: Huh? Why not?
REIMU: No point.

> Alice: Test your capability to distinguish the "odd" thoughts with the mind shield up.

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Oh god.

>Marissa: The spirits are your friends. PROTECT the spirits from Reimu.

>Alice: When Marissa is defeated by Reimu, PROTECT the spirits.

>Nitori: When Alice is defeated by Reimu, Protect the spirits.

That'll hold her for... At least nine seconds.



>Alice: You've completed your spell, so use it to transpose these friendly Legion spirits into Shanghai or some other doll.

Young Demon Lord

Oh, that's real nice, Muffin. In this post, I was going to say that after this, I was willing to wait out the rest of my ban as long as the ban remained of finite length, and the only reason I posted via a proxy was because I wished to explain myself on why I believed you were unclear.

But that deal's off now that you not only deleted my explanation, but also my post that was relevant to the comic. I don't care if my ban is still of finite length, I'll post when I want.

Dizzy H. Muffin

/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

Congratulations, YDL. I was going to undo it since I realized I had been unclear, but if you're going to be an unreasonable, reactive jerk about it, and you're not going to take the hint and actually dodge the ban, I'm going to extend the ban to 10 days instead and also extend the functionality of the banning-system. I will also delete every post you make until the ban is lifted, and also extend the ban by 1 day for every subsequent post you make in that time.

But okay. I'll let everyone see what kind of a jerk you're being too.


I can't help but wonder why the captcha business never started spiraling out of control until this story.

Unless it's just because of the influence from Homestuck.


Well, now that that's all sorted out...

> Marisa: Run off and investigate this Incident, whatever it is, on your own. (It worked the last 13 times, it should work again, right? Right?)


I suspect that the new posting rule wouldn't be necessary if the CAPTCHA algorithm was prevented from ever spitting out a 9. But whatever approach gets the job done and keeps KM sane.


> Spirits: Stop being subtle. Issue all future commands as suggestions that the target can easily recognize as coming from an external party.
> Nitori: Think some more. Solve the puzzle.
> Marisa: Reimu can't be trusted anymore. Be the star! Resolve the incident without her!
> Marisa: Launch an assault against the fourth wall!


You bunch of ⑨s! You startled the witchmiko!

(I see this is one of those unforgiving type games.)


>Marisa: Go to the Hakurei Shrine immediately to investigate. Although, go there mentally prepared, like if you were gonna go to a murder scene or something like that.


>Marisa: Prepare with precaution for pursuing the pissed-off priestess that is presumably on her period


>Spirits: Speak to Marisa Directly.

>Marisa: Marisa, open your Conversation-Stife application, we want to talk to you.


>Marisa: Mystery Inc. time!

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