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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


REIMU: Hold still a second.

REIMU: Hold still a second.

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Couldn't she have been a little less rape-facey?

I think the heart-attack Cirno's going to end up suffering from this would make it useless to try and give her commands.

(For the record, I giggled at the image, but I'm thinking about Cirno, and her tendency in this to flip-out).


By the way, mufiin, did you draw the images in this style, or did you ask some ione else, or did you happen to find ones that fit?
if YOU drew them, than I must say GOOD JOB, MAN they are really awesome!


"Couldn't she have been a little less rape-facey?"

That doom-face was probably meant for us. We are the ones screwing with the people after all, Reimu's got every reason to be pissed at us.