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CSA0088: Marisa: Return home to do your research.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Time to head home! Experiments await!

You give Reimu a buzz, or at least a BLOOBLOOP, but her CODEC is still off or whatever.

You decide to let CIRNO just waste energy spazzing out like that, although you feel vaguely uneasy about just leaving her with her own CODEC device. With any luck, the only people she'll pester with it are her chums in TEAM ⑨ (a somewhat strange group of FAIRIES, STAGE 1 and 2 BOSSES, and MISFITS who, for some reason, unironically like hanging out with CIRNO).

> Alice: Stop being Marisa.

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Watching Cirno is kind of hypnotic.


> Cirno: Flip the fricking-fricky-frick back in and follow Marisa. It looks like she's going to do something fun.
> Marisa: Give Alice a call and tell her you're coming back home, and how Cirno was actually a big help (gasp).


>Marisa: Briefly ponder whether Cirno having a codec will cause the incident Mima talked about.

>Marisa: Be the other girl


>Marisa: Think about the last incident you solved while traveling home.

...okay, i'm just wondering WHEN this is taking place. Figure that would be a clue.

Player Three

>Cirno: Calm down after 9 hours or so, then gather Team ⑨ and PRANK CALL.

>Marisa: Consider bugging Reimu personally once the experiment is finished.


>Marisa: Stop and reconsider how Cirno would manage to pester a group of people who shouldn't have their own Codecs.


> Annoy Mima by constantly switching to her.

Shinku Tsuki

> Marisa: Go to annoy Reimu. Reconsider blowin' up the shrine with your mini-hakkero.


> Marisa: It's goddamn Reimu, she'll be fine. Time to become much less reliant on the Hakkero~
> Cirno: Get press-ganged by Sakuya.

Young Demon Lord

> Alice: Stop being Marisa.


Cirno: Mellow out a bit and see if Okuu's off of work yet; you need hugs.


Duran's is good.
Copy-Pasta, GO!

>Cirno: Mellow out a bit and see if Okuu's off of work yet; you need hugs.


> Call Team 9. If they don't have codecs, go get extra ones from Nitori. And/or see if Wriggle can pick up the messages on her antennae.

Rain of blood over Elisyum

> Marisa: go to the SDM so you can borrow a book (Or 3...Or ten...Or as many as you like)