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2014/03/19 - Just For Something To Say


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OK, so ... been working my way, slowly and vaguely, towards job-ness.

I'm currently in the system for three different job agencies, one of which I'm meeting regularly, the other two are sort of doing a more passive search.

I have been learning JavaScript. Since it follows roughly the same paradigm as C# and PHP and the like, I'm pretty much already halfway to being as proficient with JS as I am with the latter two; I just need to remember to put var in front of all the variables instead of string or int or whatever like in C#.1 they're supposed to be. Might even do something cool with HTML5! (While I was writing this, I got distracted working on a Color object ...)

I'm kind of feeling like I work better with text (in short amounts) than in a more visual medium, which is why I've kinda been stalling on getting back into Cottagesnagged. I'm not entirely sure what to do with this fact. I dunno, I might try getting an artist and trying to get the ball rolling for an original-setting webcomic, to be funded through Patreon? Dunno ...

1For those of you who are more familiar with C# and/or C++ than JavaScript: there isn't really an "integer" type in JavaScript, which instead has a "Number" type which appears to be double-precision floating point.

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Good luck, hopefully one of those three thingmywutsits will lead to you getting some kind of employment within a reasonably near future!

And why not make a comic out of Villainmad? You already got a cyborg-angel and a witch on a motorcycle, as well as that... red... guy... Anyway, a colorful cast to be sure! Then again, you haven't really had a good track-record with the earlier artists you've gotten, so perhaps waiting until you can actually pay them would be a wise idea?

In any case, keep at it and I hope things will work out soon for you. :)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, waiting until I can pay them is in fact the idea, mostly. It's just, y'know ... not my only idea, whee. Also Lexy is not a witch, Sixten just went overboard making her look like Marisa. :P


Ehhh....? I liked the idea of a witch on a motorcycle tho... xD
Oh well, I'm a cyborg-angel-fanboi anywho.
Which reminds me, one of the antagonists need to be a girl in a bunnysuit, with rocket-powered flying ice-skates. 'cuz reasons. 8D

Dizzy H. Muffin

I generally don't take ideas from the audience, both because I have enough of my own for a three-season TV series, and because then everyone will want to give me one.



Well, that was the answer I was expecting anyway. :P
Anywho, I think I've spammed enough, good luck and all that which I said in my first, initial post! *salute*

Dizzy H. Muffin

also Fuyuko is full-android, not cyborg. But thanks!