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2014/03/05 - BETTER AND BETTER! *sarcasm self-test complete*


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So it looks like I'm out $160 or thereabouts.

See, I erroneously bought a monitor through Newegg, and decided to get rid of it immediately after the 30-day-return-period ended, so I decided to sell it through Amazon. I had the brilliant idea of sending it to them, through Fulfillment By Amazon, and guess what: someone bought it, and it was damaged when they got it! And, in order to have it sent to me so I can "inspect" it to see if it's still sellable in any condition, they'll charge me to ship it back to my place.

Which, y'know, I can't afford.

Which is why, y'know, I was selling it in the first place.

OH WELL, GUESS I'VE LOST MONEY DUE TO AMAZON'S INCOMPETENCE! Lesson learned, never send something to someone else for them to sell it for me.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

aaaand now complete meltdown

nope bye


...Wow, that sucks. I don't know what else to say. I have never tried selling anything, and this doesn't encourage me to try.


Sounds like you need a break from this place and maybe from life for a while there Muffin. Well, in any case I hope you can find a way to recoup the losses that they cuased you somehow.


How do you "erroneously" buy something? Did you think you needed it at first, only to change your mind after it was too late to return it?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yes. >_>