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2013/08/13: Ad added, Ada.


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OK, so ... this site officially has Ads By Project Wonderful. I mean, technically as of this writing I don't have any specific ads by Project Wonderful, but, y'know, if someone wanted ad-space here, they'd be able to send me money, on the theory that someone here would eventually send them money.

The bottom line is, as I said before, I'd appreciate it if at least some people here would consider whitelisting this site? Y'know, just sort of helping me out without you having to pay anything.

There isn't anyone particular I know named Ada, I just wanted to make the title sillier than it was already.

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For some reason it was already whitelisted, so no problem.


myself I never use adblock, honestly, as someone who earns revenue from web ads and has associates who earn revenue from web ads. I do make other configuration tweaks to my system to handle the occasional rogue infected ad, though, so I'm not unprotected from that chance

Dizzy H. Muffin

OK, I've added an ad box to Summernight Dreamed as well.


Having been an entirely silent reader up until now (Okay so I discovered these things shortly after a friend introduced me to Touhou sometime in December), I thought I'd pipe up to say that I've white-listed the site and cannot wait to start getting ads that support your amazingly awesome content... of awesome.


I actually haven't installed an ad blocker on my new computer yet, and I tend to use them rather sparingly anyway-- generally to block specific ads that make sound, open new windows, crash my plugins/browser, or other annoying things like that.