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2013/05/16: Castoff, Part 1


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So, my long-arm cast has been removed, right on schedule. ... I didn't actually mention in my last post that it was scheduled for three weeks, did I? So, uh, it has been removed, right on schedule. My arm both looked and felt absolutely atrocious, all skinny and squished and atrophied; my elbow has not fully recovered, and the skin that was covered before and is now uncovered is all dry and atrociously flaky.

SO NOW I HAVE A NEW CAST!!!!!!!! It's a short-arm cast, though, and it doesn't actually go to my elbow this time, so I feel like I can actually use my arm now, if not necessarily my hand. This time I will actually say that it is scheduled to come off in three weeks, after which I'll get another splint-thingy that I'll be able to take off If All Goes Well. I'm going to keep my sling; on some days, the cast was heavier than it was on others, and I'm just going to be anticipating that this is the case. Which leaves only one question: how the hell I'm supposed to put the goddamn sling on, it's like the canvas for a sling, with a bunch of rings, and a couple of really long velcro-straps that aren't attached to it so I have to thread it through the rings myself ...

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