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2012/12/04: Quick Update on life


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Oh right, I keep forgetting to post this ...

Didn't get a chance to say before, but Thanksgiving was good, both on the day itself, which was with my mom and stepdad and the grandmothers, and on the following Sunday, which was with my dad.

It is December and we are counting down to Christmas for no particular reason. I got an Advent calendar with shitty chocolates.

And ... following my mom and the therapist's suggestion of adjusting my sleep schedule back a bit, I am currently feeling exactly like someone who is adjusting to a sleep schedule they aren't used to.

*thud* z.z

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Yay, glad to hear thanksgiving went well.

And oh man does changing sleep rhythms suck; it's so worth it when you're adjusted though.


Speaking as someone with such a shaky sleep schedule that I'm constantly falling out of a good pattern and fixing it, I know pretty well how hard it is to adjust. Good luck to you.

Sparky Sparky Boom Witch

Glad to hear you're still going, and that your Thanksgiving was good. Hopefully you'll adapt soon.

Henix Aurorus

Yeah, I'm sure that sucks. I mean, at this point I've familiarized myself with the lack of sleep, considering I get 5 hours a night, tops, but I can imagine adjusting your sleep schedule is extremely difficult.


Well I hope things stablize for you then, and I hope to see you back to work on the shennanigans here again soon.


hope you settle in soon! on an unrelated note, i'm making a walfas animation with a friend, and we both like your stuff. we were wondering if we could use masha, with your permission.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I consider it to be intrinsically awesome whenever someone else wants to use Masha, so knock yourself out.


thank you sooo much!