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2012/08/24: Followup To Stolen Money, And Other Stuff

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So, followup to previous: I got a check from my dad to cover the money that's currently lost, and I got a letter from the bank which was basically "sign here to certify in writing that stuff got stolen." As far as that goes, I'm seriously considering opening a real donations-page, just in case people wanted to give me money for the hell of it in general.

Also: apropos of basically nothing, I've decided that this was a good time to reveal my Secret Alternate Internet Identity,1 which is a dude by the name of Yar Kramer. (I say "dude" to distinguish from the fact that under the name "KimikoMuffin" I'm basically gender-bent out of shape on the internet.) He's kind of a relic from back when I was a teenage prat; I'm not really sure how much has changed. Also, here's the "Journal Entry" where I revealed myself to the Yar Kramer crowd. Hi, people who got here from my H2G2 account!

With that social circle, I'd been slightly more open about my real name [DELETED], too. But now I pretty much don't give a shit anymore; it was kind of pointless to outright hide the two social circles from each other. So, Yeah.

1Not that anyone seriously tried to look, but the giveaway was that, going by Google, I'm basically the only person on the internet who used the exact phrase "Secret Alternate Internet Identity."

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You wouldn't happen to be related to a Dominick (alias Dom) would you? c(:

Kimiko Muffin

... no.


I'm pretty sure I've come in contact with the name Yar Kramer somewhere on the internet, but I can't remember how. Maybe it was as the author of a fanfic or a poster on one of the forums I visit.

Kimiko Muffin

Could be. The H2G2 and RPGClassics are the only places I've posted under that name in the past ... year or so.


I think it's generally a bad idea to reveal your real name on the internet. I would never do that (even when I have probably one of the most generic names in existence) and wouldn't advice anyone to do that. I'm also rather wary about revealing on what other sites I hang out (although I may still be too open about my presence on TV Tropes, which is actually really embarrassing).

Maybe I'm just paranoid and overreacting, but I don't have a good feeling about revealing that much about oneself. But I guess you know what you are doing.

...I hope this didn't sound condescending. If it did, then I'm sorry.

Kimiko Muffin

Honestly, I don't mind. I've found so far that most other people don't give a shit either.


theres a point where its good to use your real name, like networking with people that could turn into job opportunities for example. and theres also a point where its hardly worth trying, if you own a domain its not that hard to get registration information in most cases, or if you own a business registration informations probably public government record. it all depends really