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2012/02/28: Re: Re: 42


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Oh, hey, the days and month are doubled from the last blog post (1/14, 2/28 ...)

Anyway, let's cut out the suspense: I did not win the Homestuck music-contest (not that I was seriously expecting to). Best of wishes to those who did, and I can't wait to hear what they created! As promised, I have released the final version of Radiocative. It contains another stealth-pun.

I am pondering the idea of monetizing this website. Maybe ads, or just putting an actual donation button somewhere. I wouldn't hope or expect to, y'know, live on that stuff; obviously, there isn't a whole lot going on aside from a game which hasn't actually been released yet, and most of the rest of it, uh, consists almost entirely of using someone else's copyrighted material. Either way, it would probably mostly go straight into my college loan debts, which have just been hanging around USD$30k since I graduated ...

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whats your average traffic for the site? usually with small traffic sites you dont get much, I've seen like $30 in ad revenue for years on my two small blogs

Dizzy H. Muffin

I ... uh ... honestly don't know how to check for traffic, whee~

... and $30 over what period of time?


$30 over uhh whenever I started my personal blog, which was in uhh 2007. I use Google AdSense which (like most ad services) doesn't pay you until you get minimum $100 either so net I haven't earned anything because I haven't hit the minimum.

far as knowing your traffic you would use either traffic monitoring software in your host or set up something like Google Analytics, so you'd want to set up something first to get a look at what your traffic actually looks like first probably.


but ymmv, I dont have relatively that much traffic for my blog, especially in the last year where I didn't do much with it. I could email you my traffic vs AdSense revenue numbers if you wanted.


So what's the new stealth pun in Radiocative?


Google Webmaster Tools is a good place to check site activity, I think. And really, I'll bet enough people come just to read Nekokayou that you'd be able to get at least a few hundred dollars. That'll pay off, like, one percent of your debt every year! :|

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Universalperson: Oh, it's not a new pun, it's actually been in the melody the whole time! It kinda requires that you really know your musical scales, though ... :3c