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2011/10/10: Birthday #26 Report #1

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So, my birthday yesterday was ... fairly empty, sort of. Well ... I discovered that my bike's back tire was flat again, (I'd recently gotten a new one after running over a nail), so I spent an hour dragging it over to the bike shop, discovering that the bike shop was closed despite saying it was open on Sundays, and dragging it back again.1

The actual birthday festivities were dinner with family — parents, respective stepparents, grandmothers, and my dad and stepmom's newest foster kid. We ate at a local-ish Italian restaurant and I had pizza. Dessert was cannolis, as usual; I think the reason I didn't like cakes as a child was because I couldn't stomach the mass-produced sponges all the other kids got. At one point, I mentioned the whole deal with The Bloggess and her encounter with BrandLink Communications (WIL WHEATON COLLATING PAPERS!); the foster kid asked me who my favorite celebrity was. I said they'd probably be too geeky for her to get, and then namedropped Hideo Kojima; my dad said "You do you clean it up." And then she mentioned that her favorite celebrities were, in fact, the Kardashians.

Anyway, for those of you who are seriously wondering what I got:

  • F.E.A.R. on Steam (including Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate), recieved the previous night from my friend John Evans, and which made me realize that I kind of use Metal Gear Solid 2 as my mental baseline for "good graphics." (He also asked for my home address, mysteriously enough~)
  • Nightfall by Isaac Asimov.
  • Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
  • Count Zero by William Gibson.
  • A children's book called Sam and the Firefly, which my parents used to read to me until I was 5 or so. (Stepmom: "This is why you don't have birthday dinners with your parents at your age.")
  • The grandmothers were going to give me Snuff by Terry Pratchett as a pre-order, but I told them I'd already ordered it for myself, d'oh, so they're going to get something else.
  • A phone call from my sister in which she mentioned that she was going to give something to my mom when they met next week. Bit of delayed gratification, there.
  • A total of $70.
  • EDIT: Forgot to mention! A sweatshirt, from the grandmothers, which is the softest.

So, yeah, this was reasonably satisfactory. Now if only I could also get enough sleep without getting interrupted by something stupid ...

1I got it fixed today; the bike shop guy didn't charge me, because it was a defective tube and thus, on some level, his fault.

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Nightfall, really?
I was going to comment on how that bloggess link was awesome, but this takes priority.
Readitreaditreaditreaditnow. Read it nine times. Best scifi short ever.

Formica Archonis

Readitreaditreaditreaditnow. Read it nine times. Best scifi short ever.

As long as it's the short story and not the novel. (I read both, found the novel dragged.)

Dizzy H. Muffin

It's the novel. I actually read it before, and it seemed fine to me.


Hey, didn't notice it was your birthday yesterday. Happy late birthday!

Dizzy H. Muffin

At this point, in this timezone, it is now the day before yesterday. :<


Belated congratulations.
Though it saddens me that you didn't get THE STRONGEST sweatshort. :<


Bro, you should be reading Count Zero, not updating the site! :D


Ah...Happy belated birthday, Muffin!