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2009/05/30: Everyone Has Computer Problems


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So, I went to have A Professional look at my hard drive. I got there and he informed me that his office (i.e. the computers therein) had been destroyed by flooding when the sprinklers went off. So, I'm just going to call him on Monday, and continue not to have anyone local available to look at it.

Now I'm looking nervously up at the sprinklers in my apartment. This whole fiasco, ladies and gentlemen, is now also a lesson in making offsite backups. It looks like Tewi's "watching over" me ... (as opposed to Hina, who would want to take the misfortune away.)

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What have I told you about kicking mysterious old gypsies in the shins and running away?

Dizzy H. Muffin

It wasn't that. Otherwise I'd have Unzan after me. :P


Unzan may have been preferable. He just punches you a lot. This streak of unlikely misfortune reeks of Tewi.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, but Unzan might have ended up crushing my computer completely. :x


And then he'd run away with the magic blue smoke!